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[title size=”1″]Class of 2011[/title]

Amanda Adams
Research: Insufficient Numbers in TV Newsroom Minorities: What “diverse” news is really being told?

Jessica Booker
Research: Knocking Heads About Knocking Boots: Problematizing Sexual Education Curriculum and Development of Sexual Autonomy Among Students of North Carolina’s Public Schools

Terrance Burgess
Research: Far From Ordinary: Using Pseudotachylyte Rock to Explore Newer Fault Zones in Western North Carolina

Micah Caldwell
Research: E=(MC)2: The Effects of Music Sophistication on Mental Comprehension Habits

Michael Dykes
Research: Reaching New Heights for African American Males

Jessica Dilday
Research: Exploring the Center: The Inside Scoop on Group Meditation Participants

Veatasha Dorsey
Research: The ‘Greening’ of American Grand Strategy

Brittany Edens
Research: Body Image Discordance and the Weight Related Health Behaviors of Postpartum African American Women

Julian Green
Research: Conspiracy: Prisoner Reentry and Effectively Addressing the Issue of Recidivism

Shanice Jones
Research: Aiming for Perfection: An Analytical Study of Media Images’ Affect on Women’s Body Image

Karli Jones
Research: Rediscovering History: A Discussion of the Origins of Indigenous Akan Architecture

Courtney McCluney
Research: Factors Predicting Success in Black College Students: Exploring the Relationship Between Optimism, Racial Identity, and Racial Discrimination

Jamila Reddy
Research: “Not Tyler, Not Us”: Black Plays in American Regional Theatres

Brett Stargell
Research: Seducing the Public Discourse: Brand Identification and Youth Political Consumption

Victoria Wilbrun
Research: The LAAC of Representation: Lobbying in the Academy Awards Committee

Dej├║ Wooden
Research: Production of the Sympathetic Orphan: Presentations of “Tragic Afro-Heroism”

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