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[title size=”1″]Class of 2012[/title]

Bryant Best
Research: Fraternizing with Masculinity: Examining How African-American members of Black Greek Fraternities view, internalize, and display Black Masculinity.

Kelly Chesson
Research: Food Content and Purchasing Habits in Regional Cancer Susceptibility

Kylonda Glaze
Research: Prenatal Cocaine Affects on Nucleus Accumbens Development

Melony Ochieng
Research: Temperature Triggered Hydrogel Incorporating Hyperbranched Polyglycerol for Adaptable Appendages

Miranda Patterson
Research: Just Keep it on the Down Low and Nobody Has to Know

Samuel Pride, III
Research: The Afro-American Connection with the African Diaspora

Nestor Ramirez
Research: The Status of College Access in Appalachian North Carolina

Phillip Scotton
Research: Exploring Black Male Retention in Rural and Urban Demographics: Secondary and Post-Secondary Education in Upward Bound Programs

Asia-La’Rae Walker
Research: A Growing Challenge: Confronting the Environmental Links Between Impoverished African Americans and Obesity

Gavin Walker
Research: African-American Male Motivation In Academic Endeavors

Elizabeth Wan’gu
Research: ICC Cases and Investigations

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