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[title size=”1″]Class of 2017[/title]

Marketa Burnett
Research Interest: The concept of inferiority amongst African American youth and its effects on educational outcomes

Vanessa Canuto
Research Interest: Public Policy, specifically studying Hispanic women in the field of law

Stephanie Cassidy
Research Interest: The ways in which biological factors influence behavior

Phylicia Currence
Research Interest: Psychology with regard to studying family and child development

Joshua Dickens
Research Interest: Designing equipment and tools to enhance patient experience in healthcare

Megan Foxworth
Research Interest: Clinical Psychology and PTSD

Isai Garcia-Baza
Research Interest: The influence of parents in the college going process within the Latino community

Logan Gin
Research Interest: STEM education in low-income and at-risk communities

Jalynn Harris
Research Interest: Merging Geography with Linguistics, specifically studying the racialized and linguistic creation of spaces

Stephanie Hopkins-Spencer
Research Interest: Optimizing techniques, modeling or statistical analysis with medical applications in either neurology or cardiology

Jacqueline Lopez
Research Interest: Latin American politics and/or feminism and culture

Rashiidah Richardson
Research Interest: Mental health issues among minority youth

Ryan White
Research Interest: Chemistry with emphasis on alternative energy resources

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